Diane Rostock / Christine Sauerteig Pilaar / Danielle Stauss / Diane Rasinskas / Elizabeth Tilley / Deb Toscano-Knicos / Karin Strom / Hope Horn / Melissa Benzinger McGlynn / Anne Choi


Joe Michaels JAZZ Trio featuring: Joe Michaels, Bass / Bill Goodwin, Drums / Jon Ballentyne, Piano


And yes, we’ll serve both sweet and savory bites and small plates, non alcoholic beers and the best coffee and tea you’ve ever sipped! Served all night!


The gallery at Orange: coffee. art. music. is proud to host Art of Fiber, promoting the work of established and emerging artists and inviting guests to experience a glimpse of the depth and breadth of work in this field.

Texture, color, patterning, innovative use of materials – these are just some of the characteristics of the fiber arts. It is a category of visual art that is difficult to describe because the media are numerous and the artists’ approaches are so varied, so personal.

From story quilts to abstract compositions; from small, intricate works to large-scale wall hangings; from practical to frivolous; from sumptuous substances to upcycled junk – an expansive variety of approaches to fiber art will be on display.

This exhibit is the special project of Sara Bauer, creator of the long-running Yarns at Yin Hoo: a podcast about the fiber arts and other post-apocalyptic skills. Sara has been deeply engaged in the fiber arts for more than fifteen years and derives a special sense of well-being and personal power from working with fiber. With this show, her first, she has gathered a group of artists whose work and whose approach to fiber she deeply admires.

“With fiber art,” Sara says, “the process is critical. The product is often secondary. Sometimes, the artist surprises herself into generating a product. The important thing, at least for me, is the persistence of engagement with materials. Doing so has helped me to save my own life.”

Extending the knowledge and understanding of each guest is important at Orange. Works displayed at Art of Fiber exhibit will each be accompanied with a QR code linking to information about the artist, the work, and materials.

Art of Fiber will open with a jazz reception from 5-8 pm on Saturday, May 18. On Sunday, May 19th, author, designer and esteemed instructor Cal Patch will facilitate Mending = Love, a master class on mending and extending the life of your cherished garments. The workshop is suitable for learners of all levels. Participants will receive a kit of materials for the class – and to keep up the sustainable spirit beyond the workshop. Art of Fiber will remain on display during regular hours at Orange through June 9.