Gary Dillon, Bill Kelly, and Jake Stigers have made their names in separate musical projects for 30 years. Now they have come together for Brother Flower, the Wilburys-style leg of their musical journeys. Each a brilliant singer, accomplished multi-instrumentalist, and moving songwriter in his own right, Dillon, Kelly, and Stigers bring their individual backgrounds of rock, folk, traditional, and gospel to a soulful and joyful Americana sound. 

Their instrumentation features acoustic, electric, six string, twelve string, steel and slide guitars, fiddle, mandola, drums, harmonium, and piano.  Their talents are both intimate and explosive; their shows, a good-time harmony ride. Their self-titled debut record showcases songs each of them has written and the magic of their collaboration. 


In September ’23 at the legendary Mansion on O Street in Washington DC, Bill  Kelly performed Paul Williams songs at an event that also featured performances by Jimmy Webb, Kenny Asher, Travis Buster, Paul Williams. Bill is a poet, artist, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and yogi with five solo albums. His songs and tracks have appeared in multiple hit TV shows and films by directors Ken Russell, Gus Van Sant, and Morgan Spurlock, among others. 

From 1978-85, Bill studied and worked with human potential pioneers Magaña and Walt Baptiste in San Francisco, where he also played for the National Theater of the Deranged and the Magaña Baptiste Middle Eastern Dance Troupe. Bill has a rich and diverse performance background, from the streets of India to Chet Helms and Family Dog shows, and points in between. 

Bill fronted the NJ art rock band House of Cards; took Graham Nash’s parts in the nationally touring CSN Songs tribute show; sings and plays guitar and mandola as the sideman “Handsome Bill” in Chris Berardo’s country rock band; is a member of the duo Folkfoot; and frequently performs in large and small venues with various members of the NYC music scene, including Lincoln Schleifer, Gary Seeger, and Anthony Krizan.

“Bill has the voice and pen of a true artist.” Larry Campbell

“Great songs that won’t let go.” Buddy Miller


A lifelong performer, from a childhood alongside his mother in the church choir to missionary work in the deep south and an eventual move to New York as an independent musician, Stigers quickly connected with a devastatingly good band in the Velvet Roots. Jake co-wrote the song “Only Wanna Be With You” with older borther Curtis Stigers; the second time the brothers had worked together after Jake supplied backing vocals for Curtis on the album “Time Was” (Arista). Curtis also released his own jazz version of “Only Wanna Be With You” to large success in Europe & the UK.[EP5] 

Jake and his band recorded six independent albums that have sold over 20,000 copies worldwide. The band has appeared at over 600 live performances taking in the best venues in NYC (CB’s Gallery, Bowery Ballroom, Mercury Lounge, Arlene’s Grocery, to name a few); the Bluebird Café in Nashville; the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool; and the Borderline in London and in Leicester at De Montfort Hall.[EP6] 

Jake & his band successfully toured the UK 7 times over the years. Media support was strong, with extensive AAA radio in the US & live performances on a multitude of BBC radio stations in the UK. Jake also appeared on NBC’s nationally televised “Star Tomorrow” and also picked up the ASCAP Plus Award three years in a row and was selected for the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame New Writers compilation.

“And then there are those rare indie artists who seem to emerge fully formed from the ether with just about every little detail—hooks, vocals, arrangements, production—in place and ready to blow up your radio.  Indie stars like Jake Stigers.”

Daily Vault

“Jake Stigers has a great voice that seems to blend the pipes of front men of rock’s glory days with the swagger of more contemporary artists.  If only they all came this great.”

Pop Matters


Producer, Arranger, Multi-Instrumentalist, Singer, Songwriter, Lyricist and Creative Musical Instrumentalist: Guitars, Vocals, Violin, Lap and Pedal Steel Guitars, Mandolins, Dobro, Banjos, Piano, Bass Guitar, Drums, Ukelele, Tiple, and Harmonica, Gary Dillon has been a musician since he had ears. 

Known for constantly banging any and all objects around the home and drink glasses with various levels of water to provide different pitches. While growing up, Gary eventually earned enough bread to buy his first guitar. Self-taught from any cool records he could get his hands on with no guidance, no lessons.

In 2017, Gary discovered that music was in his genes when he learned that his late grandfather Patrick O’Connell had performed professionally, playing guitar several nights a week and his grandmother sang with him. Gary has intrinsically followed the path of playing music without really considering otherwise.  

Learning about his grandparents brought it all home. Gary is continuously happy to create and share the magic of creating music and bringing instruments to life and yes, still tapping those various levels of water in glasses, in time and in tune. Gary has performed and collaborated with Bob Dorough, George Recile, Tony Garnier, Rick Danko, Cesar Diaz, Andy Goessling, Railroad Earth, Jeff Sarli, Rick Chamberlain, and Kent Heckman.

“Brother flower are you listenin’ can I sing a song to you?”  Townes Van Zandt